Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding vows

Today I'm working on some posters and just finished up a set of wedding vows. I try to keep jobs like this small and personal. The dimensions are about 7"x 5.5"


  1. Hi! It's nice here! I saw your announcement about your website. Congrats on getting this up! A good place to look back and go "Hey, I really do get things done in the studio". A quick note: I called Blick yesterday and ordered our favorite Aquarius watercolor/friendly to printers paper. Of course they are discontinuing it. I bought 5 pads and wondered just how long paper stays "good" and if I should get more. They had 30 pads left, FYI. Bye!

  2. Hi, you. What an inviting and impressive website; I am sending it to Martha. And I love your choice of photos. Susan.